Monday, July 28, 2008

Shanidev and Vikramaditya

What happens to King Vikramaditya who is under the wrath of ShaniDev? This is the Question most of the viewers who watched NDTV Imagines’s launch episode of Mahima Shanidev Ki would be having in their minds. The last episode of Mahima Shanidev Ki ended with Shanidev entering the courtroom of Vikramadiya. What happens next?

After been cursed by Shanidev, King Vikramaditya faces so many difficulties and troubles worser than his wildest imaginations. He loses his kingdom, got charged with stealing and his both hands and legs are cut-off by King Chandrasen. He is helped by an oil vendor who brings him home. Vikramaditya even in his troubless prays with devotion and faith in Shanidev , who eventually not only rewards him back all the lost glory but gives him manifold.

Mahima Shanidev ki is a mythological series from NDTV Imagine which throws light on the giving and kind face of Shanidev and the lessons he teach King Vikramadiya by experience.

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