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Shani Mandir of Deonar , Vikroli & Ghatkoper

The Shani Mandir of Deonar is situated near the shivaji Statue at the junction of Chembur, Deonar on the Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore Eastern Express Highway. The Deity of this Temple is Lord Shaneeswara , a 7 feet tall imposing beautiful black statue.This Shani Temple has gained a lot of popularity because of a ritual at the temple. On Saturday, the bhajan starts at about 6pm with the Swamiji dressed in pink dhoti performing Puja before the idol of the Lord Shaneeshwara. After some time he stands on a paduka of nails, lights a camphor on his palm which he eventually swallows and in the possessed state addresses his devotees who puts forward their grievances to him. As blessings Swamiji gives devoteed flowers or lemons and tells them to go home as their worries are now his and to have faith in Shani Bhagwan who inturn would solve their problems. The Aarti timing is 6:30 everyday.

The Shani Mandir of Vikroli (Tagore Nagar) is approximately 1 Km from the Godrej Hospital Junction on the Eastern Express Highway. This is a spacious and well maintained Shani Mandir where one can offer til oil to the idol of Lord Shani or a leaf Garland to his neck. The Aarti timing is 8:00 PM on all days.

The Shaneeshwara Temple of Ghatkoper is situated near Shreyas Cinima. This is a 45 year old mandir and has a beautiful shani idol. The surroundings of this temple has lot of houses on either site. Though after seeing the temple and locality on may think that it would be a very small mandir it is not so. A Devotee can have til prasad and teerth here. The Aarti timing is 8'o'clock everyday.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Sapphire - Gemstone for Saturn

Saturn is the Zodiac Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Blue Sapphire or Neelam is the stone representing planet saturn in the navaratnas. The substitute stones for Neelam are Amethist, Black Star,Lapis and Black Agate. The beautiful 'Blue Sapphire', is regarded as the 'Stone of the Stones' and is considered to give peace of mind, tranquility, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. It is a very costly stone and obtained by mining. The effect of this stone is the fastest of all stones. The effect of this stone can be favourable or unfavourable. This stone is worn only if the effect is positive . It is said that Neelam would never bring unfavourable results to Capricornians. This stone is also suited for saade saati and a favourable neelam bring in wealth, happiness and fame.

The minimum one should wear is 3 ½ caret. Neelam should be worn on silver or gold. This ring should be put in a copper vessel on Friday night in sweetened unboiled milk and gangajal mixture and worn on the middle finger on Saturday after praying to bhagwan shankar and removing it from the vessal. Also chant Shani Mantra 108 times. The Mantra for Shani to be chanted before wearing the gemstone is



This mantra should be recited every Saturday during the first hour from sunrise for 8 continuous Saturdays to charge the Stone.The best effects of the stone is up to 5 years of wearing the stone. Another stone which may suit for those suffering from the ill effects of Saturn is the gemstone of Ketu (Cat's Eye).


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shri Shaneshchar’s Holy Province of Shinganapur

Shinganapur, a small village having a population of around 3000 people, is around 40 kms from Ahmednagar. From Mumbai Shani Shignapur is 280 kms and can be reached in 5 hours. The fame of this village has spread not only in our country but abroad as well as Shani Bhagwan’s Holy Province. It is believed that nobody can do any theft in this place and if anybody even attempts to do so would be punished by God Shani immediately. In Shinganapur one can find shops and houses without doors.The Diety of Shinganapur is a swayambu idol and is found on a simple platform.The speciality of this idol is that there is no temple structure housing the Shanidev. The aarti timings are before sunrise in the morning around 4:00 in the morning and after sunset around 6:00. For more details on Shani Shinganapur read my article on HubPages.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Shanidev and Vikramaditya

What happens to King Vikramaditya who is under the wrath of ShaniDev? This is the Question most of the viewers who watched NDTV Imagines’s launch episode of Mahima Shanidev Ki would be having in their minds. The last episode of Mahima Shanidev Ki ended with Shanidev entering the courtroom of Vikramadiya. What happens next?

After been cursed by Shanidev, King Vikramaditya faces so many difficulties and troubles worser than his wildest imaginations. He loses his kingdom, got charged with stealing and his both hands and legs are cut-off by King Chandrasen. He is helped by an oil vendor who brings him home. Vikramaditya even in his troubless prays with devotion and faith in Shanidev , who eventually not only rewards him back all the lost glory but gives him manifold.

Mahima Shanidev ki is a mythological series from NDTV Imagine which throws light on the giving and kind face of Shanidev and the lessons he teach King Vikramadiya by experience.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturn in different signs of the Zodiac

Some traits of individuals with Saturn in different signs of Zodiac is given below.

Aries - Able to cope up even in difficult circumstances
Taurus - Ambitious, materialistic, patient and disciplined
Gemini - logical appoach to problems
Cancer - Ambitious and hardworking but can be suspicious and self pitying.
Leo - Organized, faithful and determined.
Virgo - modest, patient and hardworking
Libra - understanding
Scorpio - determined and committed to goals
Sagittarius - Honest
Capricorn - Ambitious, organized, hardworking and practical.
Aquarius - Ambitious and independent
Piscus - Creative and idealistic


Saturn in different houses of the Horoscope Chart

Some traits of Individuals based on the placement of Planet Saturn in the different Houses of Horoscope is given below.

Saturn 1st House - lacks self confidence and shy
Saturn 2nd House - possessive, struggles hard for money
Saturn 3rd House - hardworking, caring and practical
Saturn 4th House - inseccured and unhappy
Saturn 5th House - creative, difficult childhood
Saturn 6th House - hardworking and liking stability in life
Saturn 7th House - faithful companion
Saturn 8th House - responsible and takes life seriously
Saturn 9th House - traditional approach to problems
Saturn 10th House- ambitious and reliable
Saturn 11th House- hardworking
Saturn 12th House- mostly reserved but a good team worker


Shrines of Shanidev

Most Hindu temples have a little shrine set apart for the Navagrahas(nine planets)out of which one is Shani. In Maharashtra there are several temples dedicated to Shanidev some of them being the Shani Devaalayam in Deonar near Chembur, Shree Sahneeshwarar Temple at Nerul, Shrine for Lord Shani in Shingnapur,Shree Shani Mandir at Kalyan (East) near Vitthalwadi and Shree Shani Mandir on the Service Road at Khar East.

One of the popular Shani Temples is situated at Fatehpur Beri, about 6 km from Chhattarpur temple and around 16 km from the Qutub Minar, at a place called Mehrauli in South Delhi. This temple has the tallest 21 feet high statue of Lord Shani in the world which is made of Astdhatu and a natural rock of Shani. Lord Shani Temple of Gwalior Kokilavan in Vrindavan where Lord Krishna gave darshan to Shanidev is also a very popular Shani Temple.


Mahima Shanidev Ki - NDTV Imagine

Mahima Shanidev Ki is the new mythological series based on Shanidev launched on NDTV Imagine on 26th July 2008 at 8:00 p.m. From next week, the show will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m. This mega show is produced by Sagar Arts and aims to bring to light the greatness of Lord Shani, tackling the myths that surround Shanidev and the powerful effects of his planet and it's contribution to lift man to great heights of humility, patience and nobility and portray him as the greatest teacher and the greatest destroyer of ego and pride. The character of Shanidev is played by Daya Shankar Pandey.

To quote Shailaja Kejriwal, EVP-Content, NDTV Imagine said, "Mahima Shani Dev Ki presents a new approach to storytelling. The show has a collection of interesting stories which open your eyes to new thoughts and learning's. A key aspect of this show is that it seeks to remove the tag of negativity and superstition attached to this god. It also looks to highlight an important yet often misunderstood facet about Lord Shani, which is to follow the path of righteousness, for he rewards those who follow this path and severely punishes only those who do wrong."

NDTV Imagine has so far only given good programs compared to Star Plus Channel and Mahima Shanidev ki is definitely going to be the jewel in the crown.



The planet Saturn is a slow planet and takes 30 years to revolve once around the Sun. It means it passes through all the 12 rashis or moonsigns in 30 years. Thus Shani spends on an average of two and half years in each rashi or moonsign. Shani is the Rasi lord for Makara (Capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius), is exalted in Tula (Libra) and in his fall in Mesha (Aries).Mercury and Venus are considered friendly towards Saturn, while the Sun, Moon and Mars are considered enemies. Shani is the lord of three nakshatras Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada.The movement of Shani through the moonsigns has a lot of importance in the hindu astrology and horoscope predictions. The effect of Shani starts when it enters the previous rashi/moonsign to one's own birth rashi and stops when it leaves the rashi/moonsign after one's birth rashi. The total period of 7.5 years (2.5 x 3) is called Saadesaati or Shani Maha Dasa, and during this period the person faces lot of difficulties and troubles in life. This period teaches that person many things important in his life and makes him wiser.


Shanidev and Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is said to have rescued Shani from the clutches of Ravana in Ramayana and in gratitude Shanidev promised to reduce his ill effects on Hanuman devotees especially if they pray to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays.

There is another version where it is said that when it was time to influence the life of Lord Hanuman Shani climbed on to Hanuman's shoulder and that a fearless Hanuman immediately assumed a large size, and Shanidev was caught painfully between Hanuman's shoulders and the ceiling of the room they were in. As the pain was unbearable, Shani requested Lord Hanuman to release him and in return promised to reduce the malefic effects of Shani for those who pray to Lord Hanuman.

Thus worship of Lord Hanuman is suggested for reducing the harsh effects of the unfavourable presence of Lord Shani.


Story of Lord Krishna and Shanidev

To story goes to the time when lord Krishna was born in Nandgaon. Hearing the news of the birth many saints and gods visited Nandgaon to see Lord Krishna, one among them being Shanidev. Everyone was allowed to have Krishna's darshan except Shanidev. Yashoda stopped him at the door and saying that her son would be frightened at the sight of Lord Shani. Shanidev was highly disappointed and went to the nearby forest and prayed, "O God! I am your servant. You have appointed me to judge and punish sinners according to their karmas. Then why does everybody think of me as being malignant and cruel; why do they avoid even my shadow? Today, when all gods and demi-gods could enjoy the bliss of your darshan, I am denied that right and benediction." Touched by his prayer lord Krishna manifested Himself to him. He advised him to stay put near Nandanvan and granted him the boon that anyone who came to his temple to pray would immediately be freed from all worries and afflictions. That part of the forest where Krishna appeared before Shanidev, has since been called Kokilavan and one can visit the renowned and ancient temple of Lord Shani (Saturn) today which is just six km from Kosi (UP) on the Nandgaon-Barsana road.


Rudraksha Beads remedy for Saturn

Rudraksha beads are used to remove or reduce the ill effects of planets in one's horoscope. The malefic effects of Saturn such as Disease & Death occurring suddenly without any cause ,impotency, obstruction, hopelessness, Despair, delay in achievements, long time disease ,scarcity ,worry etc can be reduced by wearing 7 mukhi or 14 mukhi rudraksha.These rudraksha's also can be worn by those suffering from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mind. Wearing a Saturn Mala with 36 seven mukhi beads and one 14 mukhi bead is said to be very effective when affected by Shani.


Pleasing Shanidev

Those wishing to appease Shanidev can pray to lord shiva as Shaneswar is a great devotee of lord shiva or pray to lord Vishnu as lord shani is an avatar of lord mahavishnu. Praying to Lord Hanuman also helps reduce the wrath of Shanidev. To appease him, one may pay obeisance every Saturday by lighting a lamp before the image of Shani and reading the ‘Shani Mahatmyaham’. He is pleased to accept lamps lit with sesame or mustard oil. Those who have Shani(Saturn) as their swami in horoscope should wear the gemstone Sapphire for better life.If Saturn is malefic in one horoscope chart then Shani Puja is recommend to remove the malefic effects.

Some Lal Kitab Remedies

Use mix of camphor and coconut oil and apply on hair on saturday
Donate Black urad dal to beggers on Saturday


The Role of Shanidev

According to Vedic astrology, the planetary position at the time of birth determines the future of a person. Hindus worship Shanidev (Planet Saturn) as a god and one of the navagraha’s. Buddists and Jains too consider him as one of the navagraha’s. Buddists believe that Lord Shani rides on a tortoise. Shanidev is black in appearance and ferocious in nature. Saturday is considered to be the day of Shanidev and is considered inauspicious for starting new ventures. Shani or Shanichar is believed to be the son of Suryadev and Chhaya, the servant whom his wife Swarna surrogated. He is also the brother of Yama, the lord of death. Lord Shani is the 7th of the Navagraha’s which govern our lives. It is said that when Lord Shani when he first opened his eyes, his father Surya went into an eclipse. Since then Lord Shani is believed to be the god causing miseries in the life of a human beings.

Shani literally means the “slow-moving-one”. Shanidev is lame and has a limp because his knee was injured when he fought as a child with Yama. Shanidev has several names. They are Saura, Krura-dris, Krura-lochana, Mandu, Pangu, Saptarchi and Asita. Shani-dev is depicted wearing blue or black robes, having dark complexion and riding a vulture or on an iron chariot drawn by eight horses. He holds in his hands a bow, an arrow, an axe and a trident. Shanidev is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is designated the task of granting the fruits of one's action and is the most feared amongst Hindu gods. Shanidev is considered to be the reason of accident, fear, loss, adversities etc., in our lives. It is beleaved that Shanidev has to be pleased for warding off evil and for getting rid of obstacles in life.

It is said that a favorable Shani bestows wealth and fame but at the same time, an unfavorable Shani gives endless miseries. Shanidev only punishes those who are involved in ill deeds. Like a judge he also rewards those who perform good deeds and gives them progress in their lives. He forces people to be disciplined, to understand that one needs to be humble, focused, patient, and hardworking to achieve success. Shanidev gives slow and long afflictions to individuals and teaches one by experience.Shanidev thus has the role of judge in our lives and is capable of making a king into a pauper and viceversa.


Shani Mantra

Shani Mantra

“Neelaamjana Samaabhaasam Raviputram yamaagrajam!
Chchaaya maarthanda sambootham tham namaami shanaishwaram!!”


I bow to Lord Shani, who is black in colour and son of Sun and born to Chaya and brother of Yama , who moves very slowly.

Shani Mula Mantra

"Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah."

One can chant these mantra's minimum 7 times a day. But chanting 108 times is more ideal for those troubled by Shani.


Shri Shanidev Chalisa

"Jay Ganesh Girija Suvan, Mangal Karan Kripaal,
Deenan Ke Dukh Door Kari, Kijei Naath Nihaal.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Prabhu, Sunahu Vinay Maharaaj,
Karahu Kripa He Ravi Tanay, Raakhahu Jan Ki Laaj.
Jayati Jayati Shanidev Dayaala, Karat Sada Bhaktan Pratipaala.
Chaari Bhuja, Tanu Shyaam Virajei, Maathe Ratan Mukut Chhavi Chhajei.
Param Vishaal Manohar Bhaala, Tedhi Drishti Bhrakuti Vikaraala.
Kundal Shravan Chamaacham Chamake, Hiye Maal Muktan Mani Damakei.
Kar Me Gadaa Trishul Kuthara, Pal Biich Karei Arihi Sanhaara.
Pingal, Krishno, Chhaaya, Nandan, Yam, Konasth, Raudra, Dukh Bhanjan.
Sauri, Mand Shani, Dash Naama, Bhaanu Putra Pujahi Sab Kaama.
Jaapar Prabhu Prasann Havei Jaahi, Rankahu Raav Karei Kshan Maahi.
Parvatahu Trin Hoi Nihaarat, Trinahu Ko Parvat Kari Daarat.
Raaj Milat Van Raamahi Dinhayo, Kaikeihu Ki Mati Hari Linhayo.
Vanahu Me Mrig Kapat Dikhaai, Maatu Jaanaki Gai Churaai.
Lashanahi Shakti Vikal Karidaara, Machiga Dal Me Haahaakaara.
Raavan Ki Gati-Mati Bauraai, Ramachandra So Bair Badhaai.
Diyo Keet Kari Kanchan Lanka, Baji Bajarang Bir Ki Danka.
Nrip Vikram Par Tuhi Pagu Dhaara, Chitra Mayoor Nigali Gai Haara.
Haar Naulakha Laagyo Chori, Haath Pair Daravaayo Tori.
Bhaari Dasha Nikrasht Dikhaayo, Telahi Ghar Kolhu Chalvaayo.
Vinay Raag Dipak Mah Kinhayo, Tab Prasann Prabhu Hvei Sukh Dinhayo.
Harishchandra Nrip Naari Bikaani, Aapahu Bhare Dom Ghar Paani.
Taise Nal Par Dasha Siraani, Bhunji-Meen Kud Gai Paani.
Shri Shankarahi Gahyo Jab Jaai, Paaravati Ko Sati Karaai.
Tanik Vikalokat Hi Kari Reesa, Nabh Udi Gayo Gaurisut Seesa.
Paandav Par Bhai Dasha Tumhaari, Bachi Dropadi Hoti Ughaari.
Kaurav Ke Bhi Gati Mati Maarayo, Yuddh Mahabharat Kari Darayo.
Ravi Kah Mukh Mah Dhari Tatkaala, Lekar Kudi Parayo Paataala.
Shesh Dev-Lakhi Vinati Laai, Ravi Ko Mukh Te Diyo Chhudaai.
Vaahan Prabhu Ke Saat Sujaana, Jag Diggaj Gardabh Mrig Svaana.
Jambuk Sinh Aadi Nakh Dhaari, So Phal Jyotish Kahat Pukaari.
Gaj Vaahan Lakshmi Grih Aavei, Hay Te Sukh Sampatti Upajaavei.
Gardabh Haani Karei Bahu Kaaja, Singh Siddhakar Raaj Samaaja.
Jambuk Buddhi Nasht Kar Daarei, Mrig De Kasht Praan Sanhaarei.
Jab Aavahi Svaan Savaari, Chori Aadi Hoy Dar Bhaari.
Taisahi Chaari Charan Yah Naama, Svarn Lauh Chaandi Aru Taama.
Lauh Charan Par Jab Prabhu Aavei, Dhan Jan Sampatti Nasht Karaavei.
Samta Taamra Rajat Shubhakaari, Svarn Sarvasukh Mangal Bhaari.
Jo Yah Shani Charitra Nit Gaavei, Kabahu Na Dasha Nikrisht Sataavei.
Adbhut Naath Dikhaavei Leela, Karei Shatru Ke Nashi Bali Dhila.
Jo Pandit Suyogya Bulavaai, Vidhivat Shani Grah Shaanti Karaai.
Peepal Jal Shani Divas Chadhaavat, Deep Daan Dei Bahu Sukh Paavat.
Kahat Ram Sundar Prabhu Daasa, Shani Sumirat Sukh Hot Prakaasha."


Shanidev ki Aarti

"Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari,
Sooraj Ke Putra Prabhu Chaaya Mahataari .
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Shyaam Ank Vakra Drasht Chaturbhujaa Dhaari,
Nilaambar Dhaar Naath Gaj Ki Asavaari .
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Kirit Mukut Shish Sahaj Dipat Hai Lilaari,
Muktan Ki Maal Gale Shobhit Balihaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Modak Mishtaan Paan Chadhat Hai Supaari,
Lohaa Til Tel Udad Mahishi Ati Pyaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.

Dev Danuj Rishi Muni Surat Nar Naari,
Vishvanaath Dharat Dhyaan Sharan Hai Tumhaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari."

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