Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shani Mandir of Deonar , Vikroli & Ghatkoper

The Shani Mandir of Deonar is situated near the shivaji Statue at the junction of Chembur, Deonar on the Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore Eastern Express Highway. The Deity of this Temple is Lord Shaneeswara , a 7 feet tall imposing beautiful black statue.This Shani Temple has gained a lot of popularity because of a ritual at the temple. On Saturday, the bhajan starts at about 6pm with the Swamiji dressed in pink dhoti performing Puja before the idol of the Lord Shaneeshwara. After some time he stands on a paduka of nails, lights a camphor on his palm which he eventually swallows and in the possessed state addresses his devotees who puts forward their grievances to him. As blessings Swamiji gives devoteed flowers or lemons and tells them to go home as their worries are now his and to have faith in Shani Bhagwan who inturn would solve their problems. The Aarti timing is 6:30 everyday.

The Shani Mandir of Vikroli (Tagore Nagar) is approximately 1 Km from the Godrej Hospital Junction on the Eastern Express Highway. This is a spacious and well maintained Shani Mandir where one can offer til oil to the idol of Lord Shani or a leaf Garland to his neck. The Aarti timing is 8:00 PM on all days.

The Shaneeshwara Temple of Ghatkoper is situated near Shreyas Cinima. This is a 45 year old mandir and has a beautiful shani idol. The surroundings of this temple has lot of houses on either site. Though after seeing the temple and locality on may think that it would be a very small mandir it is not so. A Devotee can have til prasad and teerth here. The Aarti timing is 8'o'clock everyday.

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