Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shani Mandir of Deonar , Vikroli & Ghatkoper

The Shani Mandir of Deonar is situated near the shivaji Statue at the junction of Chembur, Deonar on the Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore Eastern Express Highway. The Deity of this Temple is Lord Shaneeswara , a 7 feet tall imposing beautiful black statue.This Shani Temple has gained a lot of popularity because of a ritual at the temple. On Saturday, the bhajan starts at about 6pm with the Swamiji dressed in pink dhoti performing Puja before the idol of the Lord Shaneeshwara. After some time he stands on a paduka of nails, lights a camphor on his palm which he eventually swallows and in the possessed state addresses his devotees who puts forward their grievances to him. As blessings Swamiji gives devoteed flowers or lemons and tells them to go home as their worries are now his and to have faith in Shani Bhagwan who inturn would solve their problems. The Aarti timing is 6:30 everyday.

The Shani Mandir of Vikroli (Tagore Nagar) is approximately 1 Km from the Godrej Hospital Junction on the Eastern Express Highway. This is a spacious and well maintained Shani Mandir where one can offer til oil to the idol of Lord Shani or a leaf Garland to his neck. The Aarti timing is 8:00 PM on all days.

The Shaneeshwara Temple of Ghatkoper is situated near Shreyas Cinima. This is a 45 year old mandir and has a beautiful shani idol. The surroundings of this temple has lot of houses on either site. Though after seeing the temple and locality on may think that it would be a very small mandir it is not so. A Devotee can have til prasad and teerth here. The Aarti timing is 8'o'clock everyday.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Sapphire - Gemstone for Saturn

Saturn is the Zodiac Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Blue Sapphire or Neelam is the stone representing planet saturn in the navaratnas. The substitute stones for Neelam are Amethist, Black Star,Lapis and Black Agate. The beautiful 'Blue Sapphire', is regarded as the 'Stone of the Stones' and is considered to give peace of mind, tranquility, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. It is a very costly stone and obtained by mining. The effect of this stone is the fastest of all stones. The effect of this stone can be favourable or unfavourable. This stone is worn only if the effect is positive . It is said that Neelam would never bring unfavourable results to Capricornians. This stone is also suited for saade saati and a favourable neelam bring in wealth, happiness and fame.

The minimum one should wear is 3 ½ caret. Neelam should be worn on silver or gold. This ring should be put in a copper vessel on Friday night in sweetened unboiled milk and gangajal mixture and worn on the middle finger on Saturday after praying to bhagwan shankar and removing it from the vessal. Also chant Shani Mantra 108 times. The Mantra for Shani to be chanted before wearing the gemstone is



This mantra should be recited every Saturday during the first hour from sunrise for 8 continuous Saturdays to charge the Stone.The best effects of the stone is up to 5 years of wearing the stone. Another stone which may suit for those suffering from the ill effects of Saturn is the gemstone of Ketu (Cat's Eye).


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shri Shaneshchar’s Holy Province of Shinganapur

Shinganapur, a small village having a population of around 3000 people, is around 40 kms from Ahmednagar. From Mumbai Shani Shignapur is 280 kms and can be reached in 5 hours. The fame of this village has spread not only in our country but abroad as well as Shani Bhagwan’s Holy Province. It is believed that nobody can do any theft in this place and if anybody even attempts to do so would be punished by God Shani immediately. In Shinganapur one can find shops and houses without doors.The Diety of Shinganapur is a swayambu idol and is found on a simple platform.The speciality of this idol is that there is no temple structure housing the Shanidev. The aarti timings are before sunrise in the morning around 4:00 in the morning and after sunset around 6:00. For more details on Shani Shinganapur read my article on HubPages.

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