Friday, June 11, 2010

Shani Amavasya and Shani Jayanti falls on 12th June,2010

Today, June 12, 2010, is Shani Amavasya as well as Shani Jayanti. This day is the Birthday or day of appearance of Lord Shani. So, pray and do rituals for Shanidev to remove the bad Effects of Planet Saturn in Horoscope. This is also the best day to perform Shraadh and Tarpan to dead ancestors. If you are suffering from Pitra Dosh or Kaala Sarpa Dosh, use this auspicious day to please and pacify Lord Shani. You may keep fasts, recite Shani mantras and sthothras, visit Shani or Navagraha temples nearby and offer oil on idol of Lord Shani, donate clothes or footwear to the needy etc.

Om Sham Shaneshcharayae Namah!
Om Pram Preem Prom Sah Shaneshcharayae Namah!

Wish you all tons of Blessings from Lord Shani.

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